look william shakespeare was a glovemaker’s son without any kind of education beyond the basic level who basically ran away from his wife and daughters bc he was sort of a jerk

and he acted a bit and wrote a bit and probably didn’t take his playwriting nearly as seriously as his sonnets bc plays…

Via Dr. Doyle, who adds:

"…you don’t need any sort of specialized education whatsoever to write… You just need to write."

(Dr. Doyle also adds some background on Charlotte Bronte, Joseph Conrad, and Vladimir Nabokov. Click through to check it out.)

“I suspect all of art is like this. Seeing what’s really there, rather than what we expect to be there. Seeing Monroe’s awkward, charming, vulnerable self-consciousness rather than a Jessica Rabbit slink; Russell’s verve, sly wit, and energy rather than a pinup silhouette. Some artists eventually become their own parody. (Elvis Presley, I’m looking at you.) Your voice is out there. Finding it is finding your authenticity, the thing that makes you unique. And it’s too easy to turn into a caricature of somebody else in the process—in fact, I suspect, we all have to go through that phase where we’re copying to learn to be unique (there’s some great early Bowie videos where he’s trying so very hard to be Mick Jagger, it’s adorable)—but if we keep pressing on past that, we emerge as ourselves again.”

Elizabeth Bear on Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Elvis Presley, Van Gogh, William Shakespeare and Art.

You’ll have to click through to read the whole thing. It’s quite worth the trip.

throw another bear in the canoe - you kind of evolve into your voice. or maybe your voice is out there, waiting for you to grow up.